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Welcome to the “Zero Employee Business” Ownership Program!

We’re pleased to offer the opportunity for a new way to participant in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

Our Zero Employee Business (ZEB) Program is designed to offer our Private Partners a hands-free method to benefit from our proprietary Automated Crypto Trading System. Here’s an overview of what the program offers:

  1. Arbitrage Trading: We conduct digital assets trading activity via “arbitrage” trading where we automate the process to identify digital assets that can be acquired in one market and liquidated in a different market in a manner that yields a profit.
  2. Example of Arbitrage: Bitcoin as the most well-known cryptocurrency and being considered the “digital gold” is continuously being bought and sold across the globe. Through proprietary algorithms and methods that enable Wiggle Bot AI to scan the price of Bitcoin across multiple markets seeking to buy in one market and sell in another market at a higher price to extract the difference in price value as a profit. Our team of experts keeps the Wiggle Bot AI optimized to look for and act on such opportunities to extract profits.
  3. Crypto Capital: To more effectively manage the digital assets that are used to exploit price discrepancies across various markets the system may pre-purchase cryptos and strategically place them on targeted exchange markets. Once onboarded capital is completed it is not eligible for withdraw without incurring an early liquidation penalty.
  4. Potential for High Gains: The ZEB Program utilizes proprietary trading algorithms and scaling techniques designed to generate monthly profits that are higher than traditional annualized profits.
  5. Zero Employee Business (ZEB) Program Structure: Each ZEB Participation is structured as Non-Recourse B2B Interest Only Loan for up to 5 years of Crypto Cash-flow.
  6. Interest Only Payments: Each ZEB-B2B Loan has a “deferment period” that is estimated to be between 4 to 5 weeks (this is to allow for crypto onboarding into the auto-trading environment). The interest only payments are made exclusively from the distributed profits from the “best efforts” trading results of our Automated Trading System . The profit distributions are managed in accordance to the B2B Loan / Participation Agreement (loan options are shown below). Each ZEB-B2B Lender will have the ability to extend the loan in 12 month increments to continue receiving Weekly Crypto Cash-flow Payments (prorated to the Monthly Interest Amount) for up to 5 years.  Payment disbursements will not start until after the full crypto onboarding and scaling target is reached and may be on a Weekly or Monthly basis.
  7. Program Budget: The program budget utilizes the following 3-part default structure:

(1) 20% allocation for the Custom Zero Employee Business creation (the “ZEB”). This entails the onboarding of ZEB B2B Loan with the trading & scaling algorithms to achieve the targeted results.

(2) Up to 80% allocation for the Crypto Trading (funding the Private Trading Bot with the targeted cryptos).

(3) ZEB Program Reserves, this is crypto capital not placed into trading and is intended to be a safety net for any excessive unforeseen obstacles.

The Zero Employee Business (ZEB) Ownership Program offers a truly hands-free experience with a Dashboard that gives real-time updates on your B2B Loan performance and most importantly access to withdraw your respective interest only payments (aka crypto profits), see B2B Loan options and payment schedules below.

We look forward to helping your journey in the exciting world of Digital Assets!

The B2B Loan has 2 Categories and Multiple Interest-Only Tiers that are referenced to the Loan Amount .

B2B Loan Category 1 (All Loans Up to 99,999 USDT) 

Tier 1 has a 31 Day loan payment deferment and is scheduled to pay 5% interest over 4 Weekly 1.25% Payments.

Tier 2 is scheduled to pay 10% interest over 4 Weekly 2.5% Payments.

Tier 3 is scheduled to pay 20% interest over 4 Weekly 5% Payments.

Tier 4 is scheduled to pay 25% interest over 4 Weekly 6.25% Payments.

Tier 5 is scheduled to pay the equivalent of 30% Monthly at the Weekly Rate of 6.92% Payments.

Annualized Interest Payments up to 325%

B2B Loan Category 2 (All Loans Over 100,000 USDT) 

Tier 1 has a 31 Day loan payment deferment and is scheduled to pay 10% interest over 4 Weekly 2.5% Payments.

Tier 2 is scheduled to pay 20% interest over 4 Weekly 5% Payments.

Tier 3 is scheduled to pay 30% interest over 4 Weekly 7.5% Payments.

Tier 4 is scheduled to pay 40% interest over 4 Weekly 10% Payments.

Tier 5 is scheduled to pay the equivalent of 50% Monthly at the Weekly Rate of 11.538% Payments.

Annualized Interest Payments up to 600%

Below is a Sample of the simplified Dashboard for managing the withdrawal of Crypto Profits.


Cryptocurrency investing involves a high degree of risk and volatility. The cryptocurrency market is largely unregulated and susceptible to large price swings. The value of cryptocurrencies can rise or fall rapidly and without warning, and investors may lose some or all of their investment, we aim to use the rise and fall in value as opportunity to extract profits. However, while we take extreme measures to prevent loss, we make no guarantee that a loss will not occur. Participants should carefully consider their investment objectives, financial situation, and risk tolerance before investing in cryptocurrencies. They should also be aware of the potential risks associated with cryptocurrency, including but not limited to hacking, fraud, and regulatory changes. It is important to do your own research and seek professional financial advice before making any investment decisions. All profit disbursement commitments associated to this program are percentage based on “best effort” trading results. Remember that cryptocurrencies are a relatively new and emerging asset class with a limited history of price movements and past performance is not indicative of future results.