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Hop n Sav

IAATY, (pronounced: “i-yachty”) is more than an acronym, it’s a mindset and a way of life. The more you embrace the IAATY way, the more you will not just analyze business opportunities for financial yield, you will also instinctively analyze your time allocations. Simply because of your increased understanding that at the end of the day “It’s all About the Yield” so why not Trap it!

Financial  Yield, Social Yield and most importantly Time Yield!
Yield – to produce something (a profit, an amount of money, crop, etc.) as a result of time, effort, work or investment.  ~ Britannica
Trap – A hustle, a grind, Legal or Illegal means of getting money by any means necessary. ~ Urban Dictionary

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Hop n Sav Private Partner Programs, a unique approach to building Private Crypto Wealth. This is an intimate boutique community that embraces the IAATY Mindset as we utilize the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies to create a cash-flow foundation to compliment practically any business aspiration. As Crypto Lifestyle Coaches we can provide you with proven, easy to comprehend information, strategies and exclusive tools that help our discerning members realize true liberation with Financial & Time Freedom!

To ease your journey for financial liberation, stay updated on IAATY!