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Hop n Sav

Crypto Lifestyle Leaders

Leading a Private Community designed to empower members to live a lifestyle of financial freedom with abundant cryptocurrency cashflow by utilizing Blockchain and other advanced technologies in our unique way.

Being a couple of creative brothers from Oakland and Philadelphia respectively, we used our West Coast – East Coast flavor to coin the term,


and redefining how to generate cashflow income

After intense research & development efforts in the digital asset (cryptocurrency) industry we not only identified that each and every cryptocurrency wiggles in price, but we also developed a world-class automated solution that extracts profits from the inherent wiggle of our strategically targeted digital assets in a systematical way to give us predictable Cryptocurrencies Cashflow 24/7/365.

Watch our guy Tyler below as he explains the incredible opportunity that exists in the wiggle.


“Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms we’ve created a hybrid method for scaling crypto profits to generate Cashflow that can position our participating members to realize the financial results in 6-12 months that most people can’t achieve in 6-12 years.”

"Don't work for money; make it work for you."
Robert Kiyosaki


As a Team we possess over 40 years of business ownership experience in numerous business sectors from real estate investing, banking, telecommunications, logistics and retail commerce to name a few. So, we’ve been around the block several times and now it’s time for the Digital Technology Frontier. However, we are using our extensive experience in the Residential Real Estate Investing sector to develop superior alternatives for generating cash flow with Crypto Based Arbitrage Solutions.  

Now, we want to be clear, our mission is not to save the world, it’s more important that. For us, it’s to provide a pathway to what we call true freedom to our direct and extended family. We define “true freedom” as having the resources to do what you want to do, when you want to do it so you can live a lifestyle that you choose, instead of responding to the life that was chosen for you. To help us accomplish this mission we’ve developed our Private Automated Trading Systems using Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to extract profits and create recurring Crypto Cashflow.

As creative entrepreneurs we look for and think in viable product solutions, we think about how to leverage the best available technology to facilitate the objective. So, when we think about the need to generate income, we don’t think about trading our time for money, we think about leveraging technology to deliver money to us. With that backdrop for context, we are leaders with a deep understanding of the fallacies in traditional methods of making or “earning” income and like other thought leaders we have determined that there’s a much better way. With that, we have decided to enable a few other like minded people to join us in using a better way, a way that leverages what we believe to be the most important technology of our time, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. So, take a close look at the opportunity for you to utilize a new way to leverage technology to provide a nearly endless supply of cryptocurrency cashflow income.

Our ZERO EMPLOYEE Business Ownership way using CARPP is a uniquely better method than typical Crypto Yield Farming or Staking. It’s definitely better than traditional chart watching trading where your emotions or the emotional sentiments of others are likely to cause losses. And it’s absolutely better than being House Flipper or a Landlord with Single Family Houses. It’s a method where our Proprietary Optimization Techniques produce an unprecedented hands-free experience with true passive crypto cashflow income. Lastly, what might be best of, our method offers an opportunity with Zero-Ponzi Attributes as we don’t advocate chasing the newest shiny Crypto hitting the market. Our CARPP method is where Crypto Capital is truly the ONLY resource needed to generate Crypto Cashflow Income.

So again, pay attention because when we say exclusive or limited space, we mean it. The opportunity to work with us is truly limited to a handful of discerning action takers that we are convinced is deserving of winning with our Team.

Watch our guy Tyler as he explains about our Private Trading System

CARPP is Uniquely Better Than
Crypto Yield Farming, Crypto Staking or Residential Real Estate Investing

Our proprietary solution, is the Technological embodiment of 2 powerful perspectives shared in Capitalism Societies.

1.“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” ~ Warren Buffett

2.“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” ~ Albert Einstein

Being built on a deep understanding of the historical fallacies in traditional businesses, with our unique method of extracting crypto profits from the ecosystem, our system stands alone. 

With our philosophy and commitment to being exclusive and private, a key aspect of how our solution is different, is that our focus is fixated on generating profits in an organic and sustainable manner. Also, in general, our philosophy is when you can effectively scale money to increase your profits, you don’t need to expose yourself to the problematic negative repercussions that come from operating a business model that is built on incentivizing the continuous recruitment of new customer aka new money

This is exactly the benefit and principled value proposition of our private Proprietary Integrated Automated Crypto Based Arbitrage Trading System complimented with our Vertical Scaling Strategies. Simply stated, we have an automated technological solution that extracts profits (aka new money) from our targeted crypto markets, we can also scale them to make more profits. So, since we don’t need customers, we can avoid having the public visibility that attracts bad actors like Hackers which is inevitably problematic for sustainability to web-based programs.

Additionally, our unique vertical scaling techniques are instrumental in our ability to produce unprecedented profits. To our knowledge our approach and system is the only solution that is designed to, and capable of continuously delivering predictable profits for the foreseeable future.

So, to share our amazing solution, we decided to give access for a few discerning individuals to benefit from our private proprietary automated trading system. The CARPP is a totally hands-free opportunity as we manage all the optimization and maintenance activity of our system, leaving our selective Client/Partners with only needing to receive and spend their crypto profits.

Really, it’s that simple. 

We intend to start interviewing potential Client/Partners for CARPP in Q2/Q3 2024. 

So again YES, that’s correct, with us you can truly be positioned to receive passive crypto-cashflow through our Customized Proprietary Best Effort Automated Crypto Trading Solution.

Meet the Leadership Team

Gregg - Executive Manager (EM)

Primary responsibility is to create and maintain Strategic Business Development objectives for sustainable profitability. These objectives will be based on real-time and future anticipated technical infrastructure capabilities.

Secondary responsibility is as needed support to ETM.

Lavaris - Executive Technical Manager (ETM)

Primary responsibility is assuring the necessary technical infrastructure to effectuate the strategic business objectives set by the EM.

Secondary responsibility is as needed support/contribution to strategic planning.

Message from the Leadership

By building professional and personal relationships over the years, we have come in touch with some of the most brilliant people in the world that have opened numerous doors and opportunities that we would not have found on our own. After being introduced to Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence we quickly began to realize that with these systems and technologies, we have the ability to permanently change the economy in our respective communities. Our vision is not broad in the context of changing the world, but broad in the sense of changing the respective worlds of our business community.

Additionally, we understood the massive implications of technology for one of the best-known secrets to success and building personal wealth is found in generating yield or profits while you sleep without the need for employees or even customers. We call this state of accomplishment, ZERO EMPLOYEE Business Ownership (ZEB for short).

So, we decided on two core objectives to developed our solution around:

First, we decided to remain committed to a high level of privacy to insulate our proprietary system from bad actors and any efforts to disrupt delivering the intended benefit of our private system.

Second, for individuals that embrace and share our values to a level of wanting to collaborate with us, we decided to create a way for them to benefit from our technology that extracts profits from the Global 24/7/365 Crypto Ecosystem to deliver sustainable Automated Crypto Cash Flow.

Based on these two objectives, we have developed a unique capitalism business model that doesn’t require customers, one that is sustainable and rewards capital in an unprecedented manner compared to other opportunities in the market.

We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the proprietary aspects of our solution to enable us to continuously prosper in this market. So our focused commitment is simple, it’s based on the unwavering pursuit for sustainable Residual Profit Production. 

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our leadership team. We believe that our future depends on our collective understanding of the importance of privacy in this era or advanced technology. We know that our technology can benefit everyone, however we can not accept everyone, so take advantage of the opportunity to join our exclusive community while there’s still space available and enjoy the benefits of having cashflow the ZERO EMPLOYEE Business way.

We look forward to building a better future for you.


Hop & Sav

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Remember, "If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
Warren Buffett

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