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Hop n Sav


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Crypto Lifestyle Coaches

Leading a Private Membership Club designed to educate and empower members to live a lifestyle of financial freedom with abundant cryptocurrency cashflow from utilizing Blockchain technologies and resources.

Being a couple of creative brothers from Oakland and Philadelphia respectively, we used our West Coast – East Coast flavor to coin the term,


and redefining how to generate cashflow income

After intense research & development efforts in the digital asset (cryptocurrency) industry we not only identified that each and every cryptocurrency wiggles in price, but we also developed a world-class automated solution that extracts profits from the inherent wiggle of our strategically targeted digital assets in a systematical way to give us predictable Cryptocurrencies Cashflow 24/7/365.

Watch our guy Tyler below as he explains the incredible opportunity that exists in the wiggle.


“Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms we’ve created a hybrid method for scaling crypto profits to generate Cashflow that can position our participating members to realize the financial results in 6-12 months that most people can’t achieve in 6-12 years.”

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffett



As a leading disruptor in the Blockchain & Crypto Trading Sector, DARPIS™ will provide a much-needed shift in perspective and services that aids its Private Membership Community in utilizing Advanced Artificial Intelligence to enhance their overall profitability with recurring Crypto Cashflow.


The current Executive Management Team possess over 60 years of expertise in multiple aspects of small business ownership from real estate development, call center sales, online & store-front commerce to name a few and now the Digital Technology Frontier. The Executive Managers individually and collectively have evolved to embrace a particular passion and awareness of various technologies that can automate extracting profits from the 24/7/365 Digital Asset (cryptocurrency) Market.  This passion has lead us to developing DARPIS™ to be a scalable engine for Generating Cryptocurrency Income.

As leaders with a deep understanding of the fallacies in traditional cryptocurrency trading as well as traditional crypto investment platforms and we’re dedicated to providing high quality solutions that will overcome the common fallacies and exceed expectations for the production of capital resources. We’ve conditioned ourselves to look outside of conventional thinking and create a unique product/service offering that we feel will establish DARPIS as a leading disruptor in the Blockchain & Crypto Trading Sector.


Leaning on the reality that it’s often an arduous process to establish sustainable profitability in the crypto market, DARPIS™ is designed to use both NFT & Artificial Intelligence Technology to run in a true automated fashion that scales to a predetermined trading balance limit and distribute the best effort percentage based profits as scheduled to our NFT Owner Members. DARPIS will be the bench-mark for sustainably extracting traditionally undetectable profits from the Crypto Ecosystem for our NFT Owner Members.

You see, whether a trader is using fundamental, technical analysis or public sentiment techniques to trade, statistics show that over 90% of these traders cannot generate sustainable profits and ultimately lose money trading as the increase of uncontrollable external influences have proving to make those methods at best, unreliable varying degrees of speculating. Sadly, long gone are the days of executing manual arbitrage trades, now the use of artificial intelligence software is almost a must as it’s rapidly expanding and emerging as the most viable method to consistently generate profits with trading and arbitrage solutions are leading the way.


A Uniquely better method than Crypto Yield Farming or Staking where our Proprietary Optimization Techniques produce an unprecedented hands-free investment experience.

A Proprietary Integration of Fractional NFT Blockchain Technology, Automated Crypto Arbitrage Trading & Compound Growth Scaling Schedules that’s optimized to deliver 20% Daily Profits to Fractional NFT Buyers.

A Proprietary Program Topology that insulates the Platform from the Public Internet to minimize exposure to Bad Actors (Hackers) that disrupt the Sustainability of Members Profits.

An opportunity with No-Ponzi Attributes where Your Crypto Capital is truly the ONLY resource needed from You to generate Your Crypto Profits.

Watch our guy Tyler as he explains


It’s Uniquely Better Than Typical
Crypto Yield Farming or Staking

ADAATS™ is the Technological embodiment of 2 powerful perspectives shared in Capitalism Societies.

1.“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” ~ Warren Buffett

2.“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” ~ Albert Einstein

Being built on a deep understanding of the historical fallacies of typical web based investment programs,  with its unique method of extracting profits from the Crypto Ecosystem, ADAATS™ is so much more. 

You see, many of the previous programs that have come and gone had various problematic attributes. From crypto profits generating programs with 3-Level Referral Bonus Plans paying 15%, 10% & 5% respectively, to a hybrid crypto/forex program that has “7 Ways to Get Paid” as it pays so called bonuses for up to “9 levels” and especially the recently defunct 3 to 1 Crypto Rewards Program that was promised to be paid over 600-Days even though they had NO true organic crypto profits being generated. Regardless of whether there’s obvious or subtle Ponzi attributes they all are problematic because they overly incentivize Referrals, aka “Recruiting New Money” instead of focusing on incentivizing capital placement with generating genuine organic profits. With our philosophy and commitment to being an exclusive Private Membership Community, this is a key aspect of how ADAATS™ differentiates itself as our focus is fixated on organically generating profits in sustainable manner. By default, when you can scale money to increase profits, you don’t have to expose yourself to the problematic negative repercussions that come from an environment that is incentivized to constantly recruit new users or new money. 

This is exactly the benefit of our Proprietary Integration of Agile Digital Asset Automated Trading System complimented with a Compound Interest Strategy. Once launched we never need new money from new members or users because we have a technological solution that extracts profits (aka new money) from our targeted crypto markets. And since we don’t need new members we don’t have the public visibility that attracts bad actors like Hackers which is inevitably problematic for sustainability.

ADAATS™ only distribute profits made from Automated Crypto Trading via our Proprietary Profit Distribution System, period. Our unique compound growth scaling technique is instrumental in our ability to produce 10% Daily Profits. To our knowledge ADAATS™ is the only solution that is designed to deliver continuously and predictably produce 100% Profits in repeatable 10-Day Increments.

We decided to onboard up to 1M USDT from our Private Members and proportionally allocate 10% of our trading profits. This is a totally hands-free opportunity as we manage the optimization and maintenance activity of ADAATS™ so our members only have to process their profit withdrawals.

Really, it’s that simply but let us unpack it just a little more. ADAATS™ is scheduled to start live trading on May 15th, our Liquidity Pool will be open for Members to deposit until June 30th and will be closed 20 Members have joined or 1M USDT has been deposited. We anticipate scaling our liquidity pool for 90-120 prior to the start of profit disbursements. Click here to see the official ADAATS™ Locked Liquidity Pool Digital Asset Staking Program offer.

Bingo, that’s right with ADAATS™ you can truly set and forget while you passively earn up to 10% per day in crypto profits through our Proprietary Agile Digital Asset Automated Trading System.


Program Offer

Message from “Hop n Sav”

View Message from Founders

Dear Hop n Sav Members,

One of the best-known secrets to success and building personal wealth is found in generating yield or profits while you sleep. By building professional and personal relationships the Founders of ADAATS have come in touch with some of the most brilliant people in the world. Doors and opportunities opened that we would not have found on our own. After being introduced to Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence we quickly realized with these systems and technologies, we have the ability to change the economy in our respective communities. Our vision is not broad in the context of changing the world but broad in the sense of changing the respective worlds of our community members.

When we developed the ADAATS, we decided on two things:

First, we decided that our program would be exclusive with a finite capacity and affordable for the members that share and decide to embrace our values and objective to build and empower a Private Community with sustainable Automated Crypto Cash Flow from the Global 24/7/365 Crypto Ecosystem.

Second, we committed to a high level of privacy to insulate ADAATS from bad actors and any efforts to disrupt its sustainability to benefit Members.

Based on these two principles, we have developed a business model that is sustainable and rewards capital in an unprecedented manner compared to other opportunities in the market.

Our focus is on building a Community that is based on integrity and the opportunity for sustainable positive yield. We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the proprietary aspects of ADAATS to enable the Community to continuously prosper.

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our members. We believe that our collective future depends on members understanding the importance of investment privacy. We know that ADAATS can benefit everyone, however Hop n Sav can not accept everyone, so take advantage of the opportunity to join the exclusive Private Hop n Sav Community while there’s still space available and enjoy benefitting from the opportunity that we have to offer. We look forward to building a better future for you.


Hop n Sav

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