As creative entrepreneurs we advocate and foster collaborative thinking with our business initiatives. By building a SAAS technology platform to run in the Cryptocurrency Industry, which in our opinion is the only true Global 24/7/365 Financial Sector in existence. We offer the opportunity for our collaborative partners to benefit from a perpetual state of automated income generation in a method that we call ZERO Employee Business Ownership.



Most people don’t understand that we are living in an era where AI driven technology is expected to replace a significant percentage of non-physical labor current jobs.


Most people trade their time for money which keeps them in a perpetual state of financial limitation.


Most people don’t realize that if you don’t earn money while you sleep, you will most likely have to work until you die.


Most people don’t realize that effectively using AI driven technology can lead to having financial security and independence.


Most people don’t have or know how to access effective AI driven technology.

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Our Zero Employee Business ownership solution makes generating income an extremely easy Hands-Free experience, and we have yet to find a comparable solution on the market that offers these same benefits


Private Individuals or Privately Own Companies desiring to enjoy the benefits of revenue without the burden of allocating time and effort to produce it


Our Zero Employee Business Ownership solution can cost effectively increases the profits for any private capital provider


Our Zero Employee Business Ownership solution is designed to be 100% Hands-Free Passive Income (via Cryptocurrency Stablecoins) for the private capital provider(s)



Our ZEB is a unique solution specifically designed to deliver Unprecedented Annualized Returns for our private capital provider(s).


Our ZEB is universally accessible to benefit our capital provider(s) across the globe.


A beautifully designed hands-free solution for our limited capital provider(s).


Designed to deliver an authentic & transparent experience for our capital provider(s).


A Simple and efficient Solution that's designed to deliver a Low-Risk experience with Unprecedented Annualized Returns.

Zero Employee
Business Ownership

Is a Business Solution that uses high interest rates B2B Loan(s) complemented with Profit Sharing Participation whereby the interest payments yield profits high enough to eliminate the need of traditional employee/customer-based business models to generate profits and the profit sharing provides the opportunity for additional financial benefits that increases with the growing success of our Auto Trading System.


This Overview is to outline our unique approach to generating profits through our proprietary Wiggle Bot Ai to manage automated arbitrage crypto trading. Unlike traditional business models that rely on employee and customer interactions, our model/solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence to execute trades and capitalize on price discrepancies in the cryptocurrency industry. By deploying advanced trading algorithms and AI technology, our “Zero Employee Business Solution” simplifies generating consistent profits from the price discrepancies present across our strategically selected cryptocurrency exchanges.

Opportunity Introduction

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market presents a lucrative opportunity for savvy investors. However, the high volatility and fragmented nature of this market makes it challenging to capitalize on price discrepancies effectively when using traditional methods. Our business solution overcomes these challenges with cutting-edge AI technology to automate the process of identifying and repeatedly executing cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities.

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Business Solution

Instead of relying on traditional employee and customer interactions, our business solution centers around the following key components:

  • a) Artificial Intelligence: We’ve developed and deployed advanced algorithms and machine learning software capable of analyzing vast amounts of data from various cryptocurrency exchanges. The Wiggle Bot AI system continuously monitors market conditions to identify arbitrage opportunities, and execute trades automatically, all without the need for human intervention.
  • b) Cryptocurrency Exchanges: We’ve strategically integrated with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to gain access to their order books and liquidity. By leveraging these exchange connections, our Wiggle Bot Ai system can identify price variations across different exchange platforms and execute arbitrage trades in real-time.
  • c) Risk Management: Implementing robust risk management strategies is crucial to our success. Our Wiggle Bot AI system incorporates sophisticated proprietary risk assessment algorithms to minimize exposure and optimize trade execution based on predefined parameters and risk tolerance.

Market Analysis

The cryptocurrency market has experienced significant growth and adoption over the past decade. Despite periods of volatility, the overall trend is positive, with increasing interest from institutional investors and mainstream adoption the market is anticipated to grow exponentially. This will continue to create ample opportunities for our unique advanced arbitrage trading system, as price disparities frequently arise due to the fragmented nature of the market and varying levels of liquidity across exchanges.

Competitive Analysis

While there are existing arbitrage trading platforms and/or bots in the market, we differentiates ourself through proprietary implementation and integration of advanced AI technology and by keeping the whereabouts of our trading system private. By implementing our Private Strategy we significantly reduce our exposure to would be hackers. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, we aim to outperform traditional arbitrage strategies and competitors that rely on manual trading or rule-based bots. Additionally, we prioritize robust security measures and compliance with regulatory requirements to deliver sustainable profit extractions.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Our marketing strategy is simple because we DO-NOT need customers. However, we have decided to strategically collaborate with Private Capital Provider(s) to expand and accelerate market penetration. This strategic approach provides a balanced of being extremely beneficial to our Private Capital Provider(s) while also preserving our ability to implement our scaling and profit extraction techniques as we limit access and participation to our system to those that we specifically select as a Private Capital Provider.

Expectation of Financial Benefit

Our expectation of Financial Benefit is not only based on extensive historical data analysis, simulation modeling, and testing of our Wiggle Bot Ai system. It’s also derived from our evidence based empirical data of profit extraction from the fact that the cryptocurrency market's volatility introduces inherent uncertainties, that we anticipate will continue to offer the opportunity to generate significant profits over time. Thusly, our revenue will continue to be derived from profits earned from successful trades, as we will carefully manage operating expenses to ensure sustainable growth via scaling our trading capital as we pursue extracting $5M to $10M (or more) in Gross Monthly Profits from this market sector.

Team and Operations

Our team consists of experienced professionals with expertise in AI development, machine learning, software development & coding, and financial markets. We’ve established a dedicated operations team responsible for managing the infrastructure, monitoring trade execution, and scaling strategy to optimize our Automated Trading System's performance. Additionally, we allocate resources to continuous research and development to stay ahead of market trends and improve our trading strategies.

Risks and Challenges

While trading in the cryptocurrency markets present numerous opportunities, we acknowledge several risks and challenges, including regulatory changes, technology failures, market manipulation, and unexpected shifts in cryptocurrency market dynamics. To mitigate these risks, we implement rigorous risk management protocols, employ security measures to protect against cyber threats, and stay informed about regulatory developments to ensure compliance.

Implementation Plan

Our implementation plan involves the following key steps:

  • a) Research and Development: We’ve invested in extensive research and development to refine our AI algorithms, enhance trade execution capabilities, and optimize risk management strategies.
  • b) Platform Development: We’ve built a robust and secure platform that integrates with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring fast and reliable trade execution.
  • c) Testing and Optimization: We’ve conducted comprehensive testing and optimization of our Wiggle Bot Ai system, including back-testing with historical data and simulation modeling to validate its performance and profitability.
  • d) Regulatory Compliance: We’re staying up to date with regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate.
  • e) Launch and Scaling: Launch and implement our comprehensive scaling strategy that enables us to grow our profits without acquiring or servicing traditional customers.
  • f) Operations and Monitoring: We’ve established a dedicated operations team to monitor trade execution, manage risk, and ensure the smooth functioning of the platform.


By leveraging our proprietary AI-managed arbitrage crypto trading system, our business generates profits in the dynamic and lucrative cryptocurrency market. Through advanced algorithms, machine learning models, and strategic integrations with cryptocurrency exchanges, we’re capitalizing on price discrepancies and market inefficiencies. With a strong focus on risk management, compliance, and continuous improvement, we are confident in our ability to deliver consistent returns.

The Zero Employee Business Solution is centered around a uniquely structured Interest Only B2B Loan that enables us to position the Private Capital Provider(s) for financial benefits that would typically take years to generate with traditional businesses.


Due to the core feature of the Zero Employee Business Model being the removal of the traditional need for employees and customers, the opportunity to be a Private Capital Provider to us is extremely limited.

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