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1. To be Proactive and Private about generating passive income using Advanced Technologies, and…
2. To Practice producing income before you consume, aka don’t consume on credit. But, there’s a third key piece to the puzzle that often gets overlooked: The discipline to be patient enough to allow your money to mature (grow) to a level where it truly has the ability to work for you forever.
Now the truth is, the next 18 to 24 months will most likely be devastating for many Americans and millions across the Globe. However, this same time window will be full of incredible opportunities to become financially secure from Trading Digital Assets (aka Cryptocurrencies).
And no, we are not talking about the many marketing-hyped up MLM bull-shit programs that are running rampant on the internet. Our perspective is that, if the program’s primary method for you to earn income is to refer new people, it’s likely a Ponzi and we simply say just DON’T DO IT! 
So yes, the opportunities are real and they can be huge. However, these incredible opportunities will only be available to those who take action and remain disciplined to strategically approach the market to capture high-level passive crypto profits in a sustainable manner. Now is the best time to front-run the trend by using Advanced Technologies to do what humans can not manually do, and we do just that to create what we call ZERO EMPLOYEE Business (ZEB) Ownership.
As Crypto Lifestyle Leaders, our Team can guide you through the process of understanding how critical privacy is in this space. And no we’re not talking about “privacy-cryptos” we’re talking about trading cryptos privately to stay off the radar of bad actors (aka hackers) and other entities that might not want us or you to have the true financial freedom that Global Cryptocurrency Market offers.
Our approach is extremely private and intimate, we’ve built an Automated Trading Systems that is designed for sustainability to enjoy solid financial independence in the new Digital Age that we live in as ZERO EMPLOYEE Business Owners.
Starting June 2023, our team will begin interviewing to select a few discerning individuals to become a ZERO EMPLOYEE Business Owner. Now, to be considered, you should be coachable, full of conviction and most importantly you must be financially ready to seize the opportunity.
Currently our “ZEB Programs” range from just $20K to $1M.
Please do not inquire if you are not financially ready to win with us.
Contact us to start your interview process.

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